Welcome to my home page!

Some words about me

In 2006 I decided to have a personal web space in order to publish some pictures from my travel across Europe and mainly from Germany. In January 2008 I was nicely surprised that google has indexed my web site without any explicit submission. The google bot found the address through a link on Visualmatters – a web site maintained by a good friend of mine. After discovering that, I thought about placing some personal information and contact email address, apart from the picture gallery.

Here it is :-)
My name is Philip Georgiev and I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. After living a couple of years in Germany, in 2008 I came back to Bulgaria. Currently I am working as a freelance software engineer. You can view my CV here (PDF document).

If you saw the picture gallery you have probably figured out that photography is one of my hobbies. Currently only a small part of my pictures are online but I hope to include the rest soon.

You can reach me at the following address:

Copyright: you can use all pictures for free for non-commercial purpose if you mention the source: Philip Georgiev – http://fifo.name

Pictures till 06.2006 are made with Canon Powershot A60, 2 MPx, after that with Canon Powershot A630, 8 MPx. If you need the full-size files, please contact me.

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